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Drew Kennedy
IT Support Analyst
I work full time as an application tester, but love to code websites on the side.

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I first learned JavaScript in the summer of 2013, in my second term of my computing course. At first it was very difficult to wrap my head around as the syntax was completely foreign to me, as well as the flexibility the code provides. Having functions with no specified return types, variables allowed to be anything you want with no specifications, and being able to transform those variables into other types without parsing because mind-blowingly confusing. After playing with it for a while, learning how to manipulate the html code, and finally understanding how it works, JavaScript because a language I appreciate, and try to take advantage of whenever possible. If you want to learn more about JavaScript:


jQuery is a fascinating and very useful language that I have picked up over my travels as a programmer. What originally drew me to it was the fun it could provide to your website. The core library of jQuery on it's own can allow you to do many amazing things, including datepicker, popup windows, and bounce objects on events (these can be tested here). Fun things like this are just the beginning to jQuery. THe ability to manipulate HTML and provide events on elements with minimal code is the biggest selling point to me. Using JavaScript to create it's language, what would take 3-4 lines of JavaScript to simply change the background color of a div is done simply with one line, as an example. If you want to learn more about jQuery:

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a language that's still very much in development by the creators of jQuery. It is the framework that is widely used for touchscreen devices, and applications. For me, it is a language that I have only recently (as of March 4th, 2014) started to learn on my own time. Swipe your finger or cursor in the box below in any direction to get a glimpse of jQuery Mobile :)

Swipe me :)

If you want to learn more about jQuery Mobile:


HTML is the very first web development language I learned (same could be said for everyone else!). Before school, I had never done web development, and after being in school for a full year, and teaching myself additional features and possibilities that the markup language provides, I regret not getting into it sooner. Structured by elements, or tags in some circles, a person can quickly create a website that will be visible and functional to anyone that sees it. Without HTML, websites simply wouldn't exist. HTML is the backbone to web development, and once you understand the hierarchy and relationships that elements share, HTML becomes one of the simplest and fun languages to play with and learn. If you want to learn more about HTML:


CSS is the principle language required for styling or prettying up a given webpage. Without it, webpages would look flat, tasteless, and otherwise boring. It's a language that is extremely tricky to get the hang of, as styling a webpage for a certain browser or certain screen dimensions, it may or may not (Note: definitely not) look the same as on other screens or browsers. It's a language that is a tonne of fun, and a language that one can get lost in. Additional functionalities that come with CSS are keywords such as hover, active, and focus. With these, you can control the style of items or elements on specified events strictly with CSS (hooray no jQuery required!). Here's a quick example of CSS:

If you want to learn more about CSS:

Employment History

2012: Saw Whet Golf Course

TODO Talk about Saw Whet

2010 - 2011: Ice Twice Rinks

TODO Talk about Ice Twice

2003 - 2010: Town of Oakville

TODO Talk about Town of Oakville

Interests & Hobbies

Video Games

Video games have been an integral part of my life. When I was 3 my parents got me into the Super Solver series, created by The Learning Company. These games were designed to test your knowledge at a very young age, and to help you learn the basics of English and Mathematics. Reader Rabbit also came along shortly thereafter, and that game series targeted the same aspects of early learning. Later on, when I was about 8-years old, my parents installed Leisure Suit Larry on our computer. I didn't know any better, but I really wanted to play the game. I had no idea what I was doing, but I just wanted to play the game, mostly because I knew there were things in the game that an 8-year old shouldn't be aware of yet. Soon after this I started playing the Sega Master System, playing games such as Super Soldiers, Hanging On, and the very first Kings Quest. After this was Sega Game Gear, and Sega Genesis. When I was about 12 or 13-years old, my parents got me a Nintendo 64, and I played that system like crazy. On new years eve of 2001, I purchased the XBOX gaming console. At the time, there was maybe 12 games available. I had no knowledge on any of them, so I went with the only first-person shooter game that was available - Halo. I got really lucky with that purchase. In recent years, I've played games on the XBOX 360, including Skyrim, the rest of the Halo series, and many, many others. On PC I spent a solid 10,000 hours on Counter-Strike, ditto for Diablo II. Currently, I play Diablo III.


Programming is something of an irony to me. Before I went into my Systems Analyst program, I hated programming. I hated the act of it. I hated the thought of it. After my first week of school, I not only learned to warm up to it, I loved it. Immediately I could see all the possibilities, and I gained a drive to learn more and more. In my experience (a little over a year), I went from knowing very little about any programming knowledge to being extremely fluent in Java, HTML, CSS, solid in jQuery, JavaScript, C#, and currently learning but comfortable with jQuery Mobile and .NET. Programming is something I greatly enjoy, and I still have that unquenchable thirst for knowledge.


In August 2011 I noticed I was gaining unhealthy weight from all the fast food and alcohol I was consuming. I lived an unheathy lifestyle and desired a change. Right away I quit alcohol, fast food, and caffeine cold turkey. Combined with this, I started lifting weights to achieve a better-looking body. After a 4-month program I designed for myself, I achieved a great-looking body, and felt much, much better both physically and mentally. Today, I still work out as often as I can in an attempt to maintain my physical appearance.

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I started learning Java in January, 2013. Since then I have had tonnes of experience creating algorithms, classes, methods, and overall great reusable and clean code. I have experience creating and using Factory classes, Persistence Decorators, GUI's, SQL, and JSP/Servlets.

Java examples can be found here.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

I started learning HTML and CSS back in January of, 2013. Between now and then I have dramatically increased my expertise with the markup and styling languages. In my travels I have learned how to create clean-looking forms, modern-feeling pages, and lots of fresh and unique stylings. JavaScript I picked up in May, 2013. I first started out learning about the DOM and how to manipulate it, then how to be a little more advanced with arrays, objects, and validations.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript examples can be found here.


I started learning jQuery in July, 2013. This is one of the few languages that I wished to learn on my own time since it carried many advantages over JavaScript. I have learned things such as animations, CSS-event changes, and others.

jQuery examples can be found here.


I started learning PHP in July, 2013. I never went in depth with it, but I did pick up the basics, such as an SQL connections, HTML variable grabbing, emails, and sticky forms. PHP is a double-edge sword in my eyes. The syntax can truly be awful at times, but is one of the more robust Web languages out there.

PHP examples can be found here.


TODO C# and .NET

C#, ASP.NET examples can be found here.

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Programming Examples

Java Examples!

Firstly, I will demonstrate how the Factory Design Pattern works using cars.

First, I will create enums:
Second, I will create a Car class:
Third, I will create three different Car types to roll out of our factory:
bmw ford pontiac
Fourth, I will create our Factory class:
Last, I will test the Factory in the console and show the result:
How it works: first assigning an enum to a particular instance of a car through the Car class' constructor. The contruct() method is created abstract, then later overridden to be used three times - once in each car type. In each car class, you "wrap" around the CarType enum by calling the super class' constructor inside each cars' own constructor. Lastly, the factory has one method, which is used to determine which instance is to be created, then will use that condition to create its instance, and using the construct() method to print out the result. Pretty neat stuff!

HTML Examples!

Here's how a blank HTML page is generally coded.


JavaScript Examples!

TODO Basic JavaScript Examples

PHP Examples!

TODO PHP Examples

C# Examples!

TODO PHP Examples

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